Stone Colour Match

Try our handy Colour Match tool to find the perfect match of Invisabond, Coloured Silicone or Bondex for your stone, enabling almost-invisible joints!  Select your chosen stone below and we’ve listed the nearest matches!

We created this guide to help make your job easier, but obviously colour is subjective so the final matches are the responsibility of the fabricator.


Invisabond is our non-sag seaming adhesive, for lamination and mitred edges.  This is specifically designed for Engineered Stone, Ultra-Compact Sintered Materials and Natural Stone products.  It is also approved by Cosentino for use on DEKTON.

Coloured Silicone

An excellent colour range of Low Modulus Neutral Cure silicone sealant with excellent adhesion, for use on Engineered Stone, Ceramic and Porcelain.


Our range of new Engineered Stone and Quartz colour-matched adhesives have been specifically developed to match Cosentino Silestone, Cambria, Caesarstone, Santa Margherita, Dupont Zodiaq alongside many others.  These come pre-mixed to save you time and are knife grade adhesives.